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Willamette Winter Gardening Chart

I know it is mid winter and winter gardens get planted in August at the latest, but we have been looking at an acre of winter vegetables and have been inspired to complete a long needed update of this document. It is version 4.0 and full of new info and opinions. Let us know what you think and we will update it like open source software, slowly but surely.

Big Willamette Winter Garden Chart 4.pdf


  1. Wowie Zowie you guys.
    My phone won’t quite run this PDF.
    I’m a Winter Gardener and Gardren
    Steward at HiLand Community Garden.
    -Hazel & Columbia, 1 block South of the market on Highland ave NE-
    In the process I am, of thrashing our
    Winter Seeds.
    We have 7 open Plots which I have been ‘Trench’ Irrigating.
    We have broken the Garden Year into 3 Contract Seasons, specifically to close out non-performing Gardeners, opening those Plots for Winter.
    ‘Tis prepping and planting time Folks.
    We’re part of Marion Polk Food Share and several other support networks.
    City of Salem provides Water.
    I don’t remember if we bumped the Fee up to 15$/Season. That’s the most it would be.
    Gimme a call
    Sarah or spouse Karen.
    Or thru Marion Polk Food Share

  2. This PDF is the best thing i have read about winter d gardening in the Willamette Valley. And it is such an important topic. Thank you so very much!

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