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Seed Saving Zine – 4th Edition

Here is the 4th edition of our Seed Ambassadors Project Seed Saving Guide.

“A Guide to Seed Saving, Seed Stewardship & Seed Sovereignty”

Seed Saving Zine 4 hand out (3.8 MB PDF) This handout formatted version is your best choice for printing and reading if you do not have one of those fancy zine staplers.

Seed Saving Zine 4 duplex (3.5 MB PDF) This zine formatted version is for printing in a duplex printer and folding into a Zine. That is why the pages seem to be in a weird order. If your printer does not have duplex ability you can print it one page at a time, flipping each page over to print the back side.


For more seed saving information by variety see

For more in depth seed saving  checkout the following books:

“Seed to Seed: Seed Saving and Growing Techniques for Vegetable Gardeners” by Suzanne Ashworth

“The Organic Seed Grower” by John Navazio

“Breed Your Own Vegetable Varieties” by Carol Deppe

Enjoy your seed saving adventures.

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  1. Hi
    I am Max, a french “seed ambassador” . With a group seed activists we are doing the same kind of work as you do!
    I have been reading your guide, and i really appreciate it!
    I ‘d like to do the same kind of easy undestandable guide to spread our message around us, and make people more aware of the seed issue.
    I am about to do a world seed tour by bike, to constitute a “mini seed bank” to share with everybody!
    I understood you did the same kind of travel. :)

    This message is just to say i appreciate your project and to thank you for sharing those knowledges.



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