Don’t criticize it, certify it! ORGANIC Lithuania.

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L to R: 1. A view of some of the Organic Certification paperwork, including the three colors of certificates: Red and yellow for the first two years of transition to OG, and green for fully Organic. 2. Kayla looking at some documents with the head of the Lithuania Organic Certification agency. 3. The shelves and folders of the Certified Farmers (unfortunately only a few seed growers).

After learning about the paperwork we when to a small special organic farmers market.

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L to R: 1. The Kaunas Organic Farmer’s Market. 2. Some local produce (apples, beats, parsnips sunchoke!, Rutabagas!, cabbage, squash, parsley, onions, potatoes, and some little yellow Lithuanian quinces). 3. Herbal teas that can be mixed special for your own needs. 4. Grains and the first OG kids cereal in LT. 5. Collecting some LT grain and caraway accessions.

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L to R: 1. Edita and Lina, Our guides and fabulous contacts at the LT chamber of agriculture. 2. Organic bread especially the dark rye bread is extra special and traditional. 3. “EKOagros” is the Lithuanian seal of approval. 4 & 5. Fantastic OG honey and bee products are available here. 6. A nice vendor who sold apples and carrots and apple/carrot juice that was very good.

Then we were off to a special Organic/Health food shop in old own Kaunas.

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L to R: 1. The small Organic Shop. 2. A fun seasonal treat, a perfect Boletus recreation with poppy seeds and everything (though not OG). 3.Some organic advertising (notice the blue flowers).